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You plant baby seeds in a farm and watch them grow up. A metaphor for life. As we grow older, the world becomes smaller, eventually tiny, and women are everywhere.

  • Entry for Ludum Dare 23, created in 48 hours.
  • Ranked #21 out of 1402 entries in humor category.
  • Listed as one of ten games on evilseanbot’s “My picks from 200 rated games”.
  • Ranked number one on caranha’s “Long Lost Love!” review list of 102 games.

What others are saying about Baby Farm:

“Have you ever asked yourself how is babby formed? You NEED to play this game, or your LD23 experience won’t be complete. Being drunk is highly recommended.” -caranha, Professor at Tsukuba University, Japan.
“An insane, brilliant little game” -Dylan McCall
“What on earth did I just play?” -Flyboy
“Awesomely weird” -evilseanbot


Baby Farm.exe 4.9 MB


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Thank you for making Sim Life 2. Why did Maxis take a whole year with a devoted team for the first game when they could have just given one person Game Maker and 48 hours?