This game contains scenes of misogynist pick-up artists hitting on you in the subway. THEY CAN BE DISABLED in the start menu.

Have you ever wanted to experience public transit from the comfort of your own home?

Well now’s your chance! In Don’t Let Them Sit, you play as a passenger on an underground subway train. The pandemic is not over, and you do NOT want to catch Covid-19.

YOUR GOAL: Do not let other passengers sit near you. Every time they do, your Covid-19 aerosol meter goes up. If it maxes out, you lose!

STRATEGY: At first the game might seem random and chaotic. But every passenger “type” has different preferences. For example, if they’re wearing a mask, and you take off your mask, there’s a good chance they won’t sit next to you. Try to learn the patterns of the different passengers to make yourself the ultimate Covid-19-free public-transit user! (see images below for help)

CAUTION: While taking up the entire row of seats might seem compelling, there are transit police who WILL arrest you if they see you doing that.

There is NO endgame: you are trying to delay the inevitable (getting Covid-19). Try to get the highest time possible!

Designer notes:

My first game using C# (using the Godot engine). (Every game I’ve ever made in the past was in GameMaker and with minimal-to-no coding.)

All resources created by me during the competition. All programming done by me. Made in 72 hours which is why I had to submit to the Jam instead of Compo.

v1.1 changelog
--fixed invisible phone
--fixed crash on taking shoes off while sprawled out with bag
--fixed disappearing torso on PUAs when rejected
--fixed timer not pausing on gameover screen

v1.2 changelog
--fixed 'arrest mode' not triggering
--fixed Z indexes on some sprites
--fixed deactivating item giving activated effect 

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Don't Let Them Sit There 40 MB
SOURCE CODE (from old compo defunct version) 26 MB
macOS Don't Let Them Sit There v1.2 macOS UNTESTED 57 MB

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