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Janitor Joe is a normal Janitor working at a school when suddenly he sees a munchkin! He chases the munchkin through a portal and comes to a 2D world.

  • Featured as Spotlight on Game Maker Games throughout the month of April, 2008.
  • Featured on TIGForums’ list of “Unpolished Gems” in 2007.

What others are saying about Janitor Joe:

“This game is just weird.” -The Red Mage
“The description of Janitor Joe [makes] it sound original and exciting — something you don’t find often in platform games.” -Bitmappity, GMG Staff
“As strange as this game is, I find it really addictive. The game creator in me is screaming that everything about this game is terrible but the geeky game player is in heaven! It’s stupid, but it’s meant to be stupid, and I have to say: great job – I can’t give this game anything other than a 10.” -mrscience
“This game rocks! You gotta try it, its very addictive!” -seangames
“This game gave me an orgasm. The greatest game ever made.” -St. Jimmy

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tagsjanky, old, rough


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Hey, just fyi: I'm part of the Game Maker Games discord where we reminisce about the good old days of early Game Maker and your game comes up quite often as an inspiration and a gem. In fact, we just started talking about it again and I was like "I should say something on the author's itch.io!" 

So here I am. Posting on your itch.io. Your silliness has been an inspiration to us all. There is not a month that goes by where I do not think about this tale, the tale of a janitor, named Joseph (or maybe Josiah? Is there an extended universe?). 

Anyway, keep on tranglin' and thanks for all the good times. You still have fans. 

Also, if you do want to join us, here's a discord link. We'd love to have you! 

I remember this game lol